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Sara Lowes, Animalesque déguisementAnimlaesque by Sara Lowes

Founded by Sara Lowes in 2013, Animalesque is a playful and mischievous children’s costume brand for all those wild little creatures who love to dress up. The philosophy behind Animalesque  is to inspire creative play and to help bring narrative to life in order to capture a sense of wonder and reconnect children with their innate gift, and fundamental need, to imagine.

déguisement de chat par Sara lowes, Animalesque, cat headdress


déguisement de loup par Sara Lowes, Animalesque, wolf headdress


déguisement blaireau par Sara Lowes, Animalesque, badger headdress


déguisement lapin bleu Sara Lowes, Animalesque, blue rabbit headdress


déguisement lpin marron par Sara Lowes, Animlaesque, brown rabbit



Sara utilises her trained expertise in Textile Design, exploring and combining traditional and contemporary techniques of illustration, screen-print and embroidery, to design and create unique costumes and accessories.Often using recycled and vintage fabrics, Sara lovingly produces all of her products in her studio in London.

Déguisement renard Animalesque, Sara Lowes, fox headdress


déguisement écureuil Animalesque par Sara Lowes, squirrel headdress


Follow Sara Lowes here : https://www.facebook.com/animalesque


And find her creations in our webshop : http://aucabaretdesoiseaux.org/categorie-produit/animalesque/

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