Who are we?

Fanny :


Mutto : We feed the unknown! The challenge is our nectar, the result, our drunkenness

Hero : Him who simply amazes

Remarquable achievement : Succeeded in orienteering through a forest and a storm with only one shoe

Peculiarly : expresses herself regurlary with onomatopoeia.

Default : No equal to her appetite for huge projects as the number of loops that make up her mane.

Once upon a time :

Crossing the Atlantic was certainly a decisive factor in my life. And other escapades that followed, too!Ten countries in Europe and North America with assets, that’s a lot of universe of flavors, music, languages and landscapes to discover and enjoy.
As a child, I discovered an artistic yet unsatisfied hunger fed in various ways by my parents. S tray in hand, they are my student migration to Metz and Reims which provided the theoretical food management of cultural projects and my master’s degree in law of cultural enterprises.

In parallel, I have added flying hours in teams of festivals, theater, communication agency or booking and the Museum of Natural History with missions in production, distribution, communication and mediation. Each has brought me essential amounts of experiences, encounters and challenges.

Finally, The Cabaret is the outcome of the desire to make the youngest and the eldest enjoy the joys of multiple cultural influences.

Julia :


Mutto : “non inultus premor” for those who understand latin

Hero : Everything is free, brave, and fair

Remarquable achievement : Made bubbles with her mouth

Peculiarly : frecckle in the palm of her hand

Default : pontificating

Once upon a time:

A little girl was not sure whether she wanted to leave with the circus (the Zingaro Equestrian Cabaret 4 years this marks a child), or become President of the Republic (we are all presumptuous when we’re 8 years old). And then baaamm: King Lear by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Ok, let’s take a deep breath: Aristotle and his catharsis teach us that the experience of theater is a ticket to wisdom without the kick of reality. The balance between the young psycho carthésienne and the wild dog start building.

Bac S honors, Hypokhâgne classic (yes, you can learn to speak Latin in one year), Sciences Po to put my head up, and I am crossing the Atlantic for a diploma in management of cultural organizations CET Montreal. Bye birdes europeanus, hello cardinalus borealus. Montreal where I have lived since 2007.

Press Relations Jazz in Marciac, co-director at the music magazine content Louie before being responsible for private partnerships and director of a theater and finally director of administration in a contemporary dance company radiating internationally. Progamming, development, financing, production and management. Jack of all trades, because curiosity should be obvious.

And this imperious need to share: Cabaret des oiseaux, funny name for strange birds. Let’s make a wish by throwing the coin in the fountain, ok ? Together we shall knew amazement, wonder, fantasy, wealth, opportunity, adventure, friendship, empathy and openness. The dragons should hide, for the hunt is on.



Mutto : Do not leave anyone the right to hide the sky to those who still want to dream

Hero : Alexandra David Nheel

Remarquable achievement : Can swallow twenty eggs in a roy

Peculiarly : Internal tempera controlled by her feet

Default : has stopped sorting them

Once upon a time:
A family of robin birds which had made their nest in Lorraine. Parents raised their young by giving them all the spiritual nourishment and taste they could find to satisfy their hunger . Once a year, parents took their little troop under their wings and went to explore the world. Among all these people,me, having taken a taste for these discoveries but therefore always hungry. At this point, my parent’s food, as great as it was, was not enough for me! My dream? Use my wings to travel and meet the world .

Lanky nestling became young robin. I finally found that through Architecture,i could combine discovery and anthropology. I migrated to Brussels, my Baccalaureat S under my wing to sharpen my curiosity and humanism to best serve the Other now called the client.

In my fourth year, I had the opportunity to work for “the Cafézoïde”, first cultural café for children located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris with Clara Simay, Anne Marie Rodenas and Eloi Miehe in order to create “carrouzoïde” mechanical and mobile arena. dazzled by such great meetings, sharing of wealth, of heat, of creativity, discovery in this cafe, that I lost my feathers even before i could catch my breath. After a year of research, I sort out such a place had to exist.

Today, what i am looking for in this place? Share with all birds, emerging and growing, and plucked fluffy, hairy and naked, proud and short legs: meeting, sharing, discovery, creation, heat, joy and alchemy.

Let’s go! Adventure is out there !