What’s this?


There are places that are points of rendezvous, where everyone comes to meet each other and themselves, there are places that are like quilts, inviting to experiment discorvery and surprise, places like stages where one witnesses the world and its differences.
There are places for migratory birds and backyard birds, passerines and raptors, neck-nakeds and swallows. There are places for small and large curious observers.

Why the name ” cabaret des oiseaux”?
It is a perfect name for a place dedicated to people encoutering the arts as well as others, where everyone is free to peck at what they see fit to grow spiritually and humanly.
But it is also a variety of thistle. Hence our logo, also a nod to our Lorraine origins.

“Le Cabaret des Oiseaux” explores new dynamics running in our community and society around the artistic experience. At first, our mission will be deployed on multiple web platforms (among others, social networking sites). Then it will be embodied into a physical place with an auditorium, a cafe and a library.