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WillShake production of Shakespeare's Henry V

Remember when you used to play at make-believe with only a towel as a cape and your mum’s broom as a sword? Well, Short Form Film Company and Digital Theatre Plus take the game up to a whole new level with their new adaptation of Shakespeare’s Henry V with children from 8 to 10.

A shortened and simplified version, the story is told by a young boy who carries around a theatre trunk and like to make up stories. And what is theatre if not making up stories?

Seeing the play performed by children for children seems so obvious there is no doubt the project will succeed in making children discover and enjoy Shakespeare’s language and universe.

The 15-minute movie will be broadcasted in schools across the United Kingdom as part of the Shakespeare. WillShake’s Henry V will be available to watch at 10:30am on Tuesday 17th March 2015 on www.digitaltheatreplus.com.





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