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These two items were given to me by one of my very dear friends, Duncan Shotton. I have known him since I was about 12 and He is an incredibly talented designer. We studied Art and Design together at college and both went on to study Product Design at different Universities. He now lives in Japan so I don’t see him as much as I would like but thanks to modern technology we still stay in touch quite frequently. I have included his ‘Real Boy’ (Pinocchio) Pins to pay homage to him and his inspiring work. And the Gundam is a more personal present he sent me from Tokyo that I keep next to my computer to safeguard my office. If you are not familiar with Duncans work, I urge you to check out his website (that also includes the Real Boy pins) here [2] 


The car was given to me as a birthday present. It is a 1:76 scale model of VW Golf Gti. This is almost an exact tiny replica of my first car.  I bought it for £500 when I was 17 and it was my pride and joy. I used to clean it every weekend. I slept in it, crashed it, fixed it, and traveled far and wide in it. Unfortunately I had to get rid of it a few years ago as it was no longer roadworthy (I was devastated). I still love the design of this car. I don’t see so many on the roads these days, which makes it more of a treat when I do come across one. I hope that one day I will have a bit of a midlife crisis and buy another one to try and recapture my youth!


This was yet another gift from Duncan. He always sends me christmas and birthday packages from Japan full of awesome things and thoughtful trinkets from the Far East. He sent me the box because it reminded him of the ‘giant cow’ image I use as part of my branding. You can see the image here – [3] I included the box as a symbol of my cow image. This image means a lot to me as It was taken on the same holiday in the US that inspired me to make my ‘spoon lamp’, which was the staring point for me designing and making my own products. The cow image also relates to Seth Godin’s “purple cow”. Seth is one of my heroes. (Just in case you don’t know, he is an american author, entrepreneur and lynchpin) I have also included one of his books in the shot (the 3 baby dolls on the right hand side).   


The locks were bought very recently from a market stall in Florence, Italy. I bought the big one for me and the small one for my girlfriend. The man on the stall had a pile of them and explained that he had found them in a drawer at the back of his workshop and that he thought they were at least 50 years old. I instantly loved the design and colour of them so I had to have them. They now reside in my kitchen, purely as decorative items and a reminder of an amazing holiday.   The Marigold mould is one of my favourite objects. I found it at a car-boot sale a few years ago. I love visiting car boot sales and my house is full of awesome things I have purchased over the years. The glove is a genuine marigold rubber glove mould (it still has the original marigold logo embossed on the back). A woman was selling a few of them that she had inherited from her father who used to work for marigold. The mould is an industrial item that was genuinely used in the mass production of hundreds, if not thousands, of gloves. Although the mould was obviously designed to be a practical item for a specific purpose it is still very beautiful. It has very fine finger pattern detailing and factory markings that give it a unquie charm. It now ironically sits it my kitchen centimetres away from where I do the washing up wearing rubber gloves.

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